Hi, I'm Nikki

My love for horses has been as long as I can remember. Asked for one every occasion I could. I instead got motorcycles until I finally got my first horse in 2016. However, my love for photography began with my very first camera when I was 10 years old that my dear father gave me. Realizing that after I've been left all the family memories by my matriarchs passed away in recent years I realized how many of those photos I actually took. Even with reluctant family members and all, but as well as the ones my family treasured! I hadn't picked up an actual camera in 8 years, since my father death until 2021. It was after all this grief that in 2021, I decided it was time to pursue my love of photography again. It all began with my horses, first and foremost, that began my photographing for the Mounted Shooters for the summer of 2022. I also did some practicing with my camera at local rodeos, barrel racing and bull riding events just for fun. And since then I had so many requests to do families with their animals, sports teams, school photos, among and other avenues.

Editing has changed. So I dove head first in to learning with the most up to date processes. I am blessed to have the support I have. Giving this opportunity to move from hobby into something bigger, with meticulous work and dedication. I am looking forward to the adventures and the memories captured. It all started with the place where my horses can run free. (Thank you Betty!)

The name Lil Redd was inspired by my parents 1971 Stingray that when it was finally delivered to me after their untimely deaths 2 months apart. Then covid blasted us all right after. I was finally handed the keys April 2021, I walked into the door, relieved and "Lil Red Corvette" by Prince was playing over the shops speakers. I knew that was her name, and I have bright red hair. So I went with it. A name to remind me to enjoy each and every moment in MY life while I am here. What Have I got to Lose? So ....I needed to find a love that's gunna last.....hopefully I have enough gas. (if you listen to the song you'll understand this) - Lil Redd (Corvette)